Ingredients + Allergies


We pride ourselves in selecting only wholesome ingredients sourced with local vendors that share Maison Macha's commitment to actively make our society more respectful, inclusive and sustainable one desert at a time!

Never sacrificing quality and taste is essential and we have succeeded. Our scrumptious deserts are living proof that you can make plant based vegan deserts that taste like the traditional French pastries you could have in a Paris bakery.

We are quality driven people who believe luxury lies in the attention paid to the details. Our entire chain of production from the ingredients selection to the packaging is a reflection of these values.

As guests on this planet we want to leave as little of a footprint and live in balance with nature. We are 100% vegan and are working tirelessly to as organic as possible.





Most of our products contain Wheat, Tree Nuts (mostly almond and hazelnut) and Soy.

We can make all our tarts gluten free on request.

We can also make most of our products Soy free if Specially ordered in advance.